Safety in your Hand.

ELAFLEX is a leading international specialist for refuelling equipment and safe connections for the transfer of dangerous goods and sensitive fluids.

Our hoses, fittings, couplings, expansion joints and nozzles have been setting standards, since 1923. We provide quality engineered, durable products. A sound investment both in terms of performance and total lifetime cost benefits.

Safe, Easy ... EASYLOC?

Our Camlock female couplers 'EASYLOC'
with automatic lever lock offer the highest safety standard for the handling of hazardous cargo. Reliable, conform to EN 14420-7, easy to operate. More

SG-PSB 16: Pump Break with Integrated Sight Glass

For the direct assembling to 'high hose' dispensers we optionally offer the Pump Safety Break SG-PSB 16 with integrated sight glass.  more

IBC Connectors for Hazardous Fluids

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) are used for the transfer and storage of different fluids. Elaflex provides several connection threads of stainless steel for a relaible and leak-free connection…  more

Low Temperature Nozzle Types & Accessories

Since November 2019, LT accessories for ZVA 25 nozzles are also equipped with seals of red coloured Polyurethane LT compound.  more

Dry Hose Delivery Nozzles ZL, Stainless Steel

Dry hose delivery nozzles type 'ZL' are used for the open media transfer such as the filling of drums and IBC containers.  more

Hose Reels for Terminals and Road Tankers

We have extended our product range to include industrial 'Hose Reels – custom-made, for terminals and road tankers, from own production'.  more

VTH expert group visit Elaflex

ELAFLEX received the members of the VTH expert group of 'Hose and Fitting Technology' for a tour of the companies premises in Hamburg.  more

Inter Airport 2019 Review

Elaflex looks back on a successful Inter Airport 2019 show. We want to thank the many customers and visitors at our booth for their interest in our latest aircraft refuelling innovations.  more

Nozzle Boot Types for ZVF 50

For the ZVF 50 overwing nozzle Elaflex provides nozzle boot types NB-ZVF 50 for safe installation on board refuellers or dispensers.  more

Steam Hose Fittings of Stainless Steel

We have updated our catalogue pages of steam hose couplings and flanged steam fittings.  more

Elaflex News @ Inter Airport 2019

Elaflex will be presenting new, additional aviation products in Munich.  more

ALJAC joined forces with the ELAFLEX group

Elaflex Hiby Tanktechnik (Hamburg) has acquired a shareholding in Aljac Fuelling Components Limited of Shepperton, UK, since July 2019.  more

MannTek has founded subsidiary in China

Elaflex group member MannTek has established an affiliated company in China in order to achieve progress and development in this region.  more

'Elaflex Product ID App'

The Product ID App now also gives access to all general product information without logging in.  more

Petrol Station Expo 2019 in Germany –
Our Review

The following topics about our vehicle refuelling equipment were the focus of discussions.  more

Lightweight Discharge Hose 'LG' now with
integrated Anti-Kinking Spiral

The lightweight and highly flexible gravity discharge road tanker hose 'LG' for the loading of underground storage tanks has been part of the Elaflex product range since 2016.  more

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