About Us

Elaflex is a specialist company in safe connections for the transfer of dangerous goods and sensitive fluids. Our strength are standards compliant, long-lasting hoses, fittings, couplings, expansion joints and nozzles.

As an internationally operating family company with a long history we combine experience and competence. The equilibrium is essential. Therefore we stand for key values like responsibility, continuity, the spirit of innovation and flexibility in thought and action.

Since our foundation in 1923 we developed into a leading specialist for engineered refuelling equipment. Refuelling calls for the highest standards of safety, consequently our mission is to offer premium quality only. Our competent design and engineering departments and production facilities safeguard that Elaflex products are technologically state of the art, in accordance with the
highest safety measures and set standards in our industry sector.

Besides the functionality and safety of products, the most important of technical products is the consideration of costs. We strive to offer only those products which lead to the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for our customers. Therefore we say: our products are worth their price, a sound investment both in terms of performance and total lifetime cost benefits.

ELAFLEX is organised according to competencies, to provide our clients in all industry sectors with best consulting and customer care:

ELAFLEX - Gummi Ehlers GmbH with its profit centres SAT (hose and fittings department) and ERV (expansion joints department) supplies hose assemblies, rubber expansion joints and fittings for suction and discharge of fuels, chemical products and other liquids. ELAFLEX - Gummi Ehlers GmbH is a leading manufacturer supplying aircraft refuelling hoses and Rubber
Expansion Joints throughout the world.

ELAFLEX HIBY Tanktechnik GmbH & Co. KG (EHT) brings together the ZVA nozzle, petrol pump hose and refuelling accessories. In recognition of the importance attached to this market, ELAFLEX Hamburg and the producer of the nozzles HIBY partnered in 2010. Our range of automatic nozzles under the brand name of ZVA was developed at the beginning of the 60‘s together with our premium dispensing hoses. EHT is active world wide and indeed is one of the world market leaders in nozzles and petrol pump hoses especially in the vapour recovery sector (Stage II).

We are a committed partner to our customers. Knowing their problems and challenges enables us to develop and manufacture products which meet the market requirements.

The active participation in the preparation of official standards, qualified employees, our safety philosophy and a quality that deserves its name are also very important to us.

Daughter and affiliated companies as well as our distribution partners provide that our products are available in all important markets and regions. Our customers can count on reliable counterparts who understand the local conditions and requirements.

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Examples for Elaflex Products:

Automatic Dispensing Nozzles
(ZVA Slimline 2, ZVA Slimline 2 GR...)

Non-Automatic Dispensing Nozzles
(ZV 19, ZVF 50, ZV 500...)

Safety Breaks
(SSB 16, CSB 21...)

Aircraft Refuelling Hoses

Tank Truck Hoses

Chemical Hoses

PAL Chemical Hoses

All current hose fittings

Tank and Pipe Fittings
(TW Couplings, Camloc Couplings, Flanges...)

Safety Hose Clamps

Pharma Hose Assemblies

Rubber Expansion Joints
(ERV-G / -R / ROTEX...)

Dry Disconnect and Safety
Breakway Couplings
(Mann Tek DDC, DGC, DAC, SBC, CBC)


In 1923, 'ELAFLEX' was founded by Karl M.C. Ehlers as a technical distributor to the
Navy and shipyards. Led from 1947 to 2007 by Mr Karlheinz Ehlers, the company developed to a leading specialist for engineered refuelling equipment and now remains in the hands of the Ehlers family, in third generation.

In 2010, the companies ELAFLEX Tankstellentechnik (Hamburg) and HIBY (Plettenberg, production of our nozzles) permanently merged to ELAFLEX-HIBY
Tanktechnik. The Hiby family can also look back on a long tradion. It dates back until 1913.

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A major part of the ELAFLEX product range are our own developments protected by copyright or patents.

Production of components for EHT, assembly of hose / fittings, assembly of Rubber Expansion Joints and logistics by ELAFLEX Hamburg.

Production or nozzles and accessories by ELAFLEX HIBY, branch Plettenberg.

Production of hoses by ContiTech Fluid, Korbach.

Production of bellows for Rubber Expansion Joints by ContiTech Luftfedersysteme, Hannover.

Production of DDC- Dry Disconnect Couplings by MannTek, Sweden.

Structure of ELAFLEX

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